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      About Us

      Farah's Biography

    Farah Neishabouri was born and raised in Tehran along with her three older brothers to whom she is very close. In school, Farah was an excellent student and great athlete enjoying competitive events in track, volleyball and swimming. Her father a visionary for his time saw the importance of raising Farah and her brothers multilingual and multinational. As the result, Farah and her brothers are fluent in Turkish (Azeri), Farsi and English. Prior to the establishment of the Iranian Republic, Mr. Neishabouri sent his three sons to United States for middle school, high school and then college with studies in business, and engineering. After her father's untimely death, Farah followed her brothers and mother to the United States in 1993. Growing up surrounded by vibrant colors and rich textures of the family rug business, Farah was always passionate about what makes great interiors great. Therefore it came as no surprise that she pursued interior design studies at Saddleback Community College, receiving an Associate Degree in 1998, a BA in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting from Cal State University, Fullerton in 2001 and a certificate in interior design from Interior Design Institute in 2005. When not working, Farah enjoys volleyball, swimming, skiing, tennis and hiking.

      Farah's Home Furnishings is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary!

    I am proud to say Farah's Home Furnishings is my store and my passion. As the 5th generation working in the family's handmade rug business (Kismet Rug Gallery), I grew up surrounded by the vibrant hues and textures of Asian rugs. I grew up appreciating the warmth and joy that rich textures and color palates can bring to a home and I want to bring them to your home. To do so, I founded Farah's Home Furnishings in 2003, a place where you can find an eclectic collection of contemporary, traditional and classical furnishings. Offering all of the best lines of furniture and accessories, I specialize in finding those unique pieces that will make your home fabulous. From painting and wall decor to furniture, chandeliers and lighting; I and my employees will work hard for you and your designer to efficiently transform your home into your castle. Classically trained at IDI in interior design, I have strong eye for those textures and colors that will make your vision pop. So I invite you to visit my store, and to explore and see what Farah's Home Furnishings can do for you.